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All Your Path to New City Needs in a
StepintoCity Program

Initial Assessment

• Eligibility Check: Conduct a thorough initial assessment to determine each member’s current standing and potential for qualifying for O1, EB1, or NIW visas.

• Personalized Plan: Develop a personalized plan outlining steps and milestones for each member to enhance their qualifications.

Professional Development

• Workshops and Seminars: Offer workshops on topics like publishing research, winning awards, speaking at conferences, and building a professional portfolio.

• Mentorship Programs: Connect members with mentors who are established professionals in their field.

Evidence Building

• Publication Opportunities: Assist members in publishing articles, papers, or books in reputable journals and platforms.

• Award Nominations: Help members apply for and win industry awards and recognitions.

• Conference Participation: Facilitate speaking engagements and participation in high-profile conferences.

Networking and Professional Associations

• Exclusive Networks: Provide access to exclusive professional networks and associations that require outstanding achievements for membership.

• Recommendation Letters: Offer guidance on obtaining strong recommendation letters from recognized experts in the field.

Legal and Documentation Support

• Immigration Attorney Access: Provide access to experienced immigration attorneys for legal advice and assistance.

• Documentation Assistance: Help members compile and organize the necessary documentation and evidence for their visa applications.

Job Placement and Opportunities

• Job Matching: Assist members in finding job offers in the U.S. that align with their extraordinary abilities.

• Employer Partnerships: Establish partnerships with U.S. employers willing to sponsor extraordinary talent.

Black Boxes

Are you ready to apply for the O-1 visa?

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