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Go Global Agency with Global Human Mobility Program

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Built by True Locals and Expats, for International Clients

Welcome to StepintoCity, a pioneering go-global agency designed to bridge international markets and foster global expansion. Built by True Locals and Expats, we offer unparalleled insights and expertise for international clients seeking to expand from the U.S. to Asia and from Asia to the U.S. Our flagship initiative, the Global Human Mobility Program, exemplifies our commitment to fostering global careers and opportunities. The first program under this initiative is the O1 Visa Challenge, designed to assist talented individuals in obtaining the prestigious O1 visa, which recognizes extraordinary ability and achievement. Through the O1 Visa Challenge, we provide comprehensive support and resources to help global professionals embark on their next big career move. StepintoCity is dedicated to helping you achieve your international aspirations. Join us and step into a world of global opportunities.

Go Global Agency Program


Hybrid Evaluation

Hybrid Evaluation Process for O1 and EB1/NIW Visas: Leveraging Advanced AI Technology and Expert Review by Professional Immigration Lawyers


O1 & EB1 / NIW Consulting

The O-1 visa and the EB-1 Green Card are two distinct U.S. immigration pathways designed for individuals with exceptional abilities or achievements in their respective fields.


E2 Investment Visa

The consulting process for the E2 Investment Visa is not a typical or standard procedure. It involves a creative and collaborative approach to work with international companies, their solutions, and products.


EB5 Investment Immigration

This unique approach requires a deep understanding of the international market and the ability to form strategic partnerships. It's not just about facilitating the visa process, but about fostering a collaborative environment where solutions can thrive and companies can reach their full potential on a global scale.


Relocation Services

An integrated relocation solution for immigrants involves considering various aspects to ensure a smooth transition and integration into a new country

O1 Visa Challenge Program






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Global Human Mobility Program

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