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Partner & Dwellance

New York

Ken Chester Jr

Partner & Consultant

New York

Paul Joseph J. Kang

Partner & Mentor Pool

San Francisco

Shawn Flynn

Partner & Immigration Attorney


Steve Maggi


How It All Started

StepintoCity is a pioneering go-global agency designed to bridge international markets and foster global expansion. Our unique strength lies in our foundation: we are built by True Locals and Expats, offering unparalleled insights and expertise for international clients. Whether you're looking to expand from the U.S. to Asia or from Asia to the U.S., StepintoCity is your trusted partner in navigating new markets.

What we do

StepintoCity is dedicated to helping you achieve your international aspirations. Join us and step into a world of global opportunities.

In our commitment to fostering global careers and opportunities, StepintoCity has launched an innovative Global Human Mobility Program. This program is tailored to facilitate smooth transitions and successful integrations into new markets.

Our flagship initiative under the Global Human Mobility Program is the O1 Visa Challenge. This program is designed to assist talented individuals in obtaining the prestigious O1 visa, which recognizes extraordinary ability and achievement. Through the O1 Visa Challenge, we aim to provide comprehensive support and resources to help global professionals embark on their next big career move.

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